The Corrupt Church, Pt. 1

Thyatira: Do not tolerate the corrupting influence of immorality

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Bro. David continues with the next in the series of sermons on Revelation, Touring the Churches, with the church of Thyatira. We will see in part 2 that Thyatira was a church that was allowing the corruption of sin to take hold with their congregation; first, however, Jesus had some words for them in Revelation 2:18-19.

Jesus describes Himself to Thyatira to remind them that He is all-seeing and all-knowing and that they cannot hide their misdeeds. He likens His gaze to flame, penetrating and consuming, to let them know there is no escaping from His sight. Additionally, He compares His feet to brass which in the Bible speaks of judgement and indicates His intolerance for sin in the church.

But Jesus's goal was not to completely condemn the church; He never failed to find something praiseworthy.  In this case, He noted their works. Thyatira was not a lazy church and every day they did more for Jesus than they did when they were first saved. That's how our Christian experience should look- every day you should be more inspired to labor for Him to impact and influence your community.

Jesus also noted their love for Him and, as a consequence, their love for each other.  True love for Jesus increases your love for everyone else in your life. So if there is not enough love in your life, look at loving Jesus. The best way to increase your love for Jesus is by getting into His Word and through prayer.  By loving others you are serving Him.

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