Become a Member


How to Join?

Joining Aspen Park is simple. You can click on the link above, or you can come visit us in person. Once you do, we expect a lot! Below are a few of the ways we encourage our members to be more than the average.

Connect by becoming a functioning member!

Becoming a member of Aspen Park requires one thing, being saved. If you're not saved and you want to know how, come see us on Sunday or Wednesday, call us, or email us and we'll have someone in contact with you quickly.

Becoming a member is easy. The hard part is what is expected of you once you become a member. Everyone is expected to be a functioning member of the church. It's the only way the church grows.

What is expected of APBC members?

The bible shows us what it takes to be members of the church. Not just this church, but of ANY church. We believe that each member of the church should be a functioning member of the church. If every member functions the way they are meant to, the church would be an unstoppable force.

But to be a functioning member of the church requires 5 things:

  1. Be active in the church, making sure to plug in where God leads, not just where you feel comfortable.

  2. Be a servant to those who need it and step up where you're needed.

  3. Be an encourager and don't be shy about it.

  4. Be in prayer where God leads and where the church needs.

  5. Be a giver, not just of money, but of your time and resources too.