The Corrupt Church, Pt. 2

Thyratira: Do not tolerate actions or behaviors that God opposes

For the past several weeks we have been learning about the seven churches of Revelation through Bro. David's sermon series Touring the Churches. As you know, these churches are meant to be representative of churches and members today. So have you seen anyone you recognize yet?

Perhaps you have found yourself in Ephesus, who forgot their first love and waned in their efforts to share Jesus with the world. Or perhaps Smyrna,  where members were facing persecution and were promised by Jesus their reward if they were faithful until death. Maybe you know people who remind you of the church of Pergamos, where the members lead compromised lives and found themselves doing things they never would have imaged. Next we will see Thyatira, the corrupt church.

Last week we saw the praise Jesus offered to Thyatira. He looked upon them and and saw their labors, their love, and their loyalty, and He knew the members there were long-suffering. But, as we see in Revelation 2:18-29, Thyatira had a big problem; There was a woman in the church who Jesus compared to the Old Testament's Jezebel. This woman was practicing sexual promiscuity in the name of God.  To have a member encouraging others to worship God by linking themselves to that which is against God was spreading a corrupting influence across the church.

As we have seen illustrated in previous weeks, immorality in the house of God and the toleration of immoral behaviors in His name is against God's will. Jesus saw these people at Thyatira tolerating and complying with behavior so opposed to Him. Jesus calls on Thyatira to expose sin, not allow it to corrupt people and twist the Word of God. Immorality within the fellowship will not be tolerated by God, so it should not be tolerated by the church.

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