Raising Funds for Parking Lot Repairs

Help us keep our church looking its best.


Aspen Park is in need of repairs to our parking lot. The parking lots are in need of resurfacing in many areas, filling cracks, sealing and re-striping. The purpose of this is twofold. First it plain looks worn. Secondly the risk factor grows when our parking lot starts to deteriorate. Our Savior deserves a our best as do we and our surrounding community. 

In order to do this we need to raise some funds to make it possible.  The costs to accomplish repairs to our parking lot are as follows—


Back lot—seal coat, fill in cracks, and re-stripe:      $11,718.00                                                 
Front lots— Overlay and re-stripe:    $23,775.00                                                 
For a total cost of...     $35,493.00                                                 


Once we have raised enough funds to totally cover the costs we will begin. Our targeted time to start and finish is before summertime comes. This can only happen with your commitment to give to this much needed project.

Important: Please designate this to the Building Fund.


Thank you for your gifts, Aspen Park! We have reached our goal.
May 16, 2018