The Doors God Opens, Pt. 2

Philadelphia: God opens doors for us that no one else can.

In our series of messages on the churches of Revelation we have seen many churches meant to represent modern churches today and their members.  In Revelation 3:7-13 we found the church at Philadelphia, which was the only church that Jesus told "I love you." Jesus loved all His churches, but Philadelphia must have held a special place in his heart to receive such high praise.  It's a church we should all strive to be more like, so let's take a closer look at what they were doing so well.

Last week we discussed the doors that only God can open. God prepares the way and invites us to walk through them and become who He was us to be. Last week the focus was on the door of salvation. We saw that only Jesus and Jesus alone can give us access to heaven.

Today, we come to the door of service.  Our God is not a hands-off God, He is greatly involved in our lives. When Jesus spoke to the people at the church at Philadelphia, He mentioned their weakness. This was not the criticism it may sound like, however. The people at Philadelphia depended on Him and so He chose to entrust them with his service.

You are stronger to be dependent on God than you are depending on your own strength an living independently from His help and guidance. God chooses the weak to put to shame the mighty.God wants us to boast and brand, not for our own accomplishments, but for His. When you have a big God, you don't need much strength yourself. God opens doors for those dependent on His strength. 

Philadelphia refused to compromise on God's word, so God opened for them a door of service, and He will open it for all who keep His word as their standard. God is prepared to use you in a might way, but it is up to you to walk through that door!

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