The Lukewarm Church

Laodicea: Enjoy spiritual wealth by allowing God into your life

The final church in our Touring the Churches series of messages is the church at Laodicea from Revelation 3:14-22. These churches are meant to act as examples of various situations churches might be experiencing today., and the church at Laodicea is a good warning for us all. 

They were a lukewarm church. You might think that a church that was meeting in Jesus's name would have Jesus with them, but that was not the case with Laodicea. This church thought they had everything figured out; They thought themselves rich and in need of nothing, but they were unable to see what they were lacking. The members were blind to their own need.

The church at Laodicea had also forgotten to make God the focus in their plannings, worship, gathering, and teaching. God will not force Himself into your life, your Sunday school class, or even your church! He is always knocking to come in, But Laodicea, like many today, couldn't hear it. They let the issues of the world drown out the sound of Jesus.

The church was wealthy, so they knew they were materially rich, but they didn't realize they were spiritually poor. God chastens these members, and His criticism serves to correct their behavior, but it also indicates that they are His and He cares for them. But God will not intrude where He is not wanted. He will knock and never enter. He is available to all who would invite Him in and allow Him into every corner of their lives.

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