The Doors God Opens, Pt. 3

Philadelphia: God opens doors for us that no one else can.

20180422 The Doors God Opens Pt 3.png

In our series Touring the Churches this week we take a final look at the church at Philadelphia from Revelation 3:7-13. Jesus saw something in the people of the church that caused Him to open a door for them, one that He didn't open for the other churches. Does He see the same things in our church today?  

As we have seen, the first and most important door opened for Philadelphia and for all of us is the door of salvation. It holds the most significance because it is necessary for all other doors. It's a must!

The second door was the door of service. It is also a door that has been opened for us- we serve Haiti, Indian Springs, Dayspring Villa, Arms Around Broken Arrow. Hundreds of lives are touched every year by Aspen Park in service to the Lord. Imagine all the lives won for salvation because of our service God has given us. Have you personally walked through God's door of service?

The final door opened for us is the door of safety. One day you will get respect as a Christian because of the doors you have walked through. When Jesus returns for His church, God will keep you from the hour of trial. Because of your past actions, your safety will be assured. Those who have walked through the doors of salvation and service will also walk through the doors of safety, and they will receive an evacuation from the woes that others will face. When the events of the rapture start happening, it will be time to take door three and gain respect, safety and your future reward. It is only through our choices that we can earn our rest and reward. Although no one knows what it will look like, know that you can see the glory God has offered in Heaven, all you need to do is walk through His doors.

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