You've Lost That Lovin' Feeling

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Pastor David Willets begins a series of messages studying the churches of Revelation in order to identify certain characteristics of Aspen Park. Last time we looked at these churches they served as tools to assess an individual's place in the church; now, they will help us look at how the church as a whole is doing. Jesus had a format for writing His letters to the churches in Revelation. He would typically lead with a compliment, then find an area of improvement. Following this example, our Transition Team will be writing a letter to Aspen Park. First with a look at what we're doing right, then with a challenge to improve.

Ephesus, from Revelation 2:1-7, was a beautiful, prosperous port city- the most wealthy in Asia minor. It was a bustling city with a strong immoral religious presence, but the church at Ephesus stood against the social ills of the day. Jesus affirmed their hard work and diligence, seeing that this was a church that produced good results in community. They were a persevering church that never let tiredness wear them down. The obstacles of the city around them made the church unpopular, but still they held fast. The church at Ephesus was of sound doctrine and preached the truth, even when surrounded by bad theology, an environment not unlike Tulsa today.

God's said His issue with them was this: They had lost their first love. God knew that the people at this church didn't love Him like they used to; their worship was mechanical, and they went to church without the passionate, emotional love of a newlywed. Remember when you were newly saved, and everything God did filled you with awe and wonder? Does serving Him still bring you the same excitement?

How about Aspen Park? Has our church lost that feeling of intense love? Consider our church's attitude toward God and following His Word. Jesus had a solution for those no longer feeling it: Remember! Think back on the the greatest moment of spiritual awakening at Aspen Park. Remember, and embrace how you felt in that moment. Remember, and repent to God.

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