A Dying Church

We continue using the churches of Revelation as a microscope to observe our own church and identify it’s strengths and deficiencies with the church at Sardis.

Sardis was a popular, well-known city, prosperous in wealth. The church at Sardis, however, was very different from the others we have learned about. Unlike previously, when Jesus addressed this church, He had no commendations or compliments. The problem of Sardis- like many churches today- was that despite high membership and lots of activity, the church was dead spiritually.

If a church attempts to do God’s work without the power of the Spirit, it is a hopeless endeavor. You can have every good kind of program, but if it isn’t being done for the Kingdom of God, it’s only spinning your wheels. A dying church forgets that it is the spreading of the gospel that changes others’ lives. When was the last time Aspen Park was shaken by the Spirit? Do we do enough to ensure that when we offer others the water of life, the well is not full of dust?