Growing Through the Stages of Faith

Romans 1:16-17

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There is an important spiritual dynamic to the Christian life that parallels our natural lives; Just as we grow through stages physically, emotionally, and developmentally, so too do we grow through stages of faith in our spiritual lives. But just because we get older doesn't mean that we've reached the next step in our journey in faith. Be honest and ask yourself which of these four stages you find yourself in.

Stage 1- Saving Faith: The first stage consists of new faith, when we have learned to embrace Christ for the first time. The people in Stage 1 believe in God and His Word, but having been assured of their place in heaven, they stop there. These people, though saved, are missing out on the full depth of relationship that they may have with God. Stage 1 faith is particularly susceptible to false teachings.

Stage 2- Serving Faith: Those people in Stage 2 have been touched by the knowledge that they have been saved by the grace of God. When they put their beliefs into action, they have a serving faith. As a serving person, they do things and help others in the name of God. A church could not survive without these members, but remember we are here by the grace of God. Don't make the mistake of thinking salvation was earned by charitable actions.

Stage 3-Blind Faith: In the third stage, people are very familiar with scripture and take God at His word in times of uncertainty, put their lives and trust in His hands, and are awed by the things He accomplishes. It is often difficult to maintain this stage in times of adversity.

Stage 4-Living Faith: People in this stage are renewed spiritually day by day; they see by faith and not by sight. They follow God's orders unquestioningly and are always full of  complete trust in God. It is a way of life that many may never reach. People with living faith have stopped asking why, when, or how, and just answer, 'Yes, Lord'.

Take steps to grow your faith in God so that you may lead an abundant life and walk with Him.