The Open Door

20180930 The Open Door.png

Our current series of messages on the seven churches of Revelation is designed for church-wide self-reflection. This week we look at the church in Philadelphia in Revelation 3:7-13 to see what parts of Aspen Park we can see reflected there.

Philadelphia was a city situated in a volcanic region that had come to be well known in the area for growing grapes and producing wine. The name Philadelphia means “the city of brotherly love,” and, appropriately, the church there was the only other church besides Smyrna that received no rebuke from Jesus- only commendation.

The church at Philadelphia was praised for its patience and endurance. This church had such a strong foundation that they had the strength to keep God’s word and none denied His name. In His letter to the faithful Philadelphia, Jesus tells the church He has opened for them a door no one else can shut. God opens many doors for us in a variety of ways throughout our lives. Is Aspen Park able to recognize the doors opened for us? Do we, like the church at Philadelphia, trust Jesus enough to enter these doors and follow the plan He has laid out for us?

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