The Problem With Laodicea

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Our current series of messages on the churches of Revelation has allowed us to hear a word from God about who we are as Aspen Park believers. This is the final church that our Transition Team will use to get a complete picture of our church.

The city of Laodicea was a well-defended city on a hill, famous for banking, finance, fashion, and pharmaceuticals. Its one major issue was a lack of water, but being a wealthy city, aqueducts had been constructed to alleviate the situation. Aqueducts brought in hot water from the north and cold water from the east, but by the time the water reached Laodicea, both sources had grown lukewarm.

Jesus told the church at Laodicea that they were just like the water there- lukewarm. The members of this church were indifferent and apathetic- they were going through the motions. Their focus was no longer on the cross, scripture, or even reaching the lost. They had lost both hot passion for God and refreshing and renewing power of the gospel. Like many churches of America today, Laodicea enjoyed power, wealth, and influence and thought these things made them perfect, but they were unmoved by the things of God.

How does a church regain passion for Christ? They must fall back and remember the fundamentals:

Salvation is by the grace of God: Passion comes from true humbleness and the realization that you are not saved by your own deservedness. Redemption is offered to us only by the price that was paid by Jesus. Approach all things with awe of what Jesus has bought for us.

Never allow the church to stop talking about the important of the blood. What’s our passion level? To what degree does Aspen Park remember the promises given by God’s Word?

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