Watch Out for Jezebel

We continue in our examination of the churches of Revelation in order to form a more complete picture of Aspen Park as a church. Next is the church at Thyatira, from Revelation 2:18-29.

Thyatira was less well-known city, but it had a thriving clothing industry, and was a place specializing in wool and dyes. When Jesus wrote to the church at Thyatira, He found them a faithful church, whose unyielding spirit and actions He commended. But in Thyatira there was a popular woman fortune teller who practiced religion with immoral teachings, and she had gained tremendous influence within the church.

How can you spot false teachings that go against God’s wishes? How do you discern between the truth and falsehood? You must thoroughly know the truth; close familiarity with God’s Word will help you recognize when someone is pushing a false gospel. Is Aspen Park grounded in truth? We must take care to not allow members to be drawn away. With a true and pure worship focused on God, we can stand in the truth in the face of many falsehoods.

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