Good News For Today's Church, Pt. 1

The church today may face challenges, but our foundation will never fail.

20170521 Good News for Todays Church.jpg

Current events and the news today can seem disheartening for traditional, established churches. Pews are now empty where they used to be filled. Attendance is down, giving is down, and baptisms are down.

But there's no need to be depressed; the church is not on her way down, but on her way up! There's good news in Matthew 16 that brightens up the bleak outlook for churches like ours, and we must use that news to become a cheerleader for God and the church. We should celebrate and share it!

We have the strongest foundation possible: a church built upon Christ! He is a sure, solid, and strong foundation who will never let you down. We can build our lives on solid rock and know that it will always stand because Jesus never forsakes us.

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