Gaze of a Godly Mother

Highlighting the virtues of a Godly mother and her role in the lives of others

From Proverbs 31:10-31, this Biblical passage describes the priorities and character of a wife and mother  to which every woman should aspire.  It reminds us that we should value virtue, character, integrity and Godliness.  We should respect the mothers and women in our families because they play an important role, given to them by God.

A Woman's role in supporting her family through raising her children, ministering to her husband, or working to help provide is paramount to the health, happiness, and success of her household.   As a mother you are required to fill many different roles that require strength , intelligence, determination, and great love.  Moms are important,  and are entrusted by God with a magnificent role in family ministry. A virtuous woman's most important role is to be a teacher of values to her children. By being an living example of integrity, Godliness, and grace, she can give support and guidance to the whole family.