Trusting God's Plan- Charlie Cruce

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Aspen Park welcomes Charlie Cruce, Director of Missions at Tulsa Metro Baptist Network, to deliver this week’s guest sermon. Our church’s support of our local Tulsa network is helping to accomplish many different mission projects, touching so many lives in our community. Great strides have been made in church planting and revitalization.

Find out more about TMBN on their website.

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In 1 Chronicles 29:11, we find David in prayer over the building of a temple. His situation parallels our own; we, too, should be in prayer for the man who will become our pastor, as we know God will bring it all together at just the right time.

David was affirming God’s sovereignty. God is in control of nature, our church, and our lives. Things may not go according to our plan, but God always has the last word and although we may not see God’s big picture, we can be assured that God knows exactly what we need.

We must make our plans counting on God to direct us. A believer mature in his or her faith is always open to the ways God may lead us. The key to moving into a new chapter as a church or as individuals is to be open to God’s direction. God is always bringing good out of challenging situations, but we have to trust Him and the path He has laid out for us.