Jesus, the Wounded Healer

Are there times when God seems distant? Does He sometimes not seem to know what you’re going through? If your relationship with Jesus seems to be suffering, maybe you should look at who Jesus is to you. It is critical to understand who He came to be and who He is now. Isaiah 53:1-9 helps us gain a better picture of Him.

Many of us have an incorrect view of what Jesus was like. For one, we have an inaccurate image of what he looked like physically. Jesus was not followed for his good looks: the handsome, European Jesus many of picture was not Biblical. Instead, He was a common man in appearance.

Similarly, He was not as popular during His day as many might expect. He was an outsider, unknown to most and hated by many. Even His disciples were often confused by His teachings. He was a much misunderstood figure. Many of His followers expected Jesus to lead a revolution or overthrow those in political power.

People often have a hard time imaging Jesus showing strong emotions, but the Bible shows periods of humor and grief. We can see that, far from being stoic and robotic, Jesus felt very deeply. It is easy to image Him differently, in light of what He did for us, but recognizing His humanity is imperative. Jesus wasn’t above human dealing, He was tempted the same as any of us.

Feeling average, or alone, or struggling with challenges doesn’t make your unworthy or unable to understand Jesus, it makes you more like Him! Jesus’s humanity means He understands you and your struggles. He has experience overcoming difficult circumstances and with His support you have the ability overcome your own as well.