What is a Deacon?

We learn from Acts 6:1-7 the role of deacons in scripture and how it relates to their function in the church today.

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According to scripture, the local church was taken care of by both pastors and deacons.   The pastor's job is to preach, teach, and shepherd the flock. Nowadays, however, many churches struggle with what to do with their deacons.  Sometimes a church will have them serve communion, while others create a board of deacons to manage church affairs. These are both modern inventions for the deacons' tasks.

The early church had deacons that were called servants of the church and who served the physical needs of the congregation. While the pastor manages the church, the deacon helps takes care of some of the earthly concerns of the members, often focusing on a specific ministry. Tasks like visiting nursing homes, bringing food to widows, or looking after the church building are all examples of a deacon's area of focus.

At Aspen Park we target men who have demonstrated themselves able to handle the responsibility and who are already actively involved in ministry. We base our deacons off the ones found in the Bible: a small group of individuals full of spirit and wisdom who were selected for the good work they do in their ministries. They must have the right attitude and be committed to being a servant to others in Christ's family.

The importance of great deacons cannot be understated; they are considered by Jesus to be one of the greatest ministers in his kingdom. By setting a pattern of service for the church and showing what it means to be a servant, they bring the whole congragation closer to God.

Praying Hands  by Albrecht Dürer

Praying Hands by Albrecht Dürer