Wise Up Before You Ship Out

The best way to use your talents and resources in order to serve God.

20171029 Wise Up Before You Ship Out.png

Do you know the topic most talked about by Jesus in the Bible? It may be surprising, but the answer is actually money! The use and abuse of money was a very important matter in Biblical times and remains so today. This week Bro. David considers a story from Luke 16:1-13 to give you the perspective you should have on money and resources.

Money is not inherently evil, it is the love of that money that causes so many problems. To avoid these problems, we need a lesson on how to use our earthly riches to build heavenly mansions. The parable revolves around the steward for a wealthy man; it is a steward's job to manage someone's wealth effectively and responsibly.  We are all stewards of everything God has made us and all that He has given use. We are expected to use our God-given time, talents, treasures, and  truths for the glory of God.

There will be a day when you, like the parable's steward, must give an account of all you have done with the responsibilities you are steward over. At that time you will be held responsible for your treatment of the things God has trusted you with.  Jesus wants you to  use what you have today in order to prepare for tomorrow. To invest in heaven, you must invest in what's going to heaven-- the souls of men. Providing resources for the church results directly in more souls saved for heaven. Given your talents, time, and treasures to the church is the best care you can give to the resources God has given you.