Vacation Bible School 2014

Thanks to Nicole Miller for putting on another amazing VBS. We had 9 children come to know the Lord.

The theme was "Agency D3" where the "cadets" were training to be agents of God. Throughout the training they had to Discover the truth about Jesus, Decide what to do about this truth, and then learn how to Defend their new found faith.

The bible verse 1 Peter 3:15 was the memory scripture, and we had 2 cadets on the 4th day and 8 cadets give the verse from memory on the last day, but many more wanted to show they knew it.

As the children in chose code names for the week, a special guest was seen in the 1st & 2nd grade class. John "Johnny B" the Baptist showed up with his lunch and was interrogated by the group of cadets. It was intense under the light, but they cadets learned a great deal about what happened on the day Jesus started his ministry.


Each day the cadets went through rigorous mental training which set them on pace for being able to defend their faith at the end of the week. 

After the mental training and conditioning they were required to make their own equipment for the battles ahead.

While some were making their equipment others were participating in physical training.

While yet some others were learning how to sing and praise the God they were learning to defend.

By the end of the week 9 cadets were saved, and all of them graduated to full agents of D3.

Congratulation Agents! 

See all cool things you did in the galleries below.