A Lofty Look at the Lowly Jesus

081119 a lofty look at the lowly jesus.png

Luke 9:28-36

In this week’s scripture we see Jesus and the apostles Peter, James, and John go to a mountain together to pray. On the mountain, Jesus is surrounded by rays of light, then prophets Moses and Elijah appear next to Him and He speaks with them. Peter, James, and John hear the voice of God, who declares Jesus to be the Son of God. This holy event is known as the Transfiguration of Jesus and from it we can glean three important principles.

  1. From time to time, God allows mankind to catch a glimpse of immortality. Why does God sometimes allow mortals to see and record a brief glance into heaven or hell?
    -So that we see God’s glory and see that there is no place like heaven here on earth.
    -To show us that God is king of the universe, with no equal, demonstrating to us His majesty and perfection
    -To demonstrate to us that the righteousness are rewarded and others are punished

  2. Don’t enshrine the spiritual experiences and places of your past. Jesus made the point that idolatry of past experiences posed a great threat. It’s possible by raising up even good things that they become more important than the best thing. Enshrining past spiritual experiences and forgetting about a continuing connection with Christ leads to a nostalgic “good old days” mentality. Have a living, present relationship with God!

  3. Never be mistaken, Jesus is the only begotten Son of God. We live in a diverse country with a pluralistic culture, but we know Jesus is the key. If you wish to know God personally, the only way to know Him is through Jesus Christ. We know Jesus is the Son of God and the only way to salvation. The Transfiguration of Jesus highlights Jesus’s role as the Son.