Seven Principles to Overcome Worry and Anxiety, Part Two

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Matthew 6:25-34

All of us have some degree of worry and anxiety in our lives, but it should not be crippling or hinder the way we live. Last week we saw five of seven principles to overcome worry and anxiety. This week we continue with the remaining three.

5. To overcome worry and anxiety, reject the value system based on the world’s standards. The value system of the world is not based on the Kingdom of God. God has laid out His standards, so don’t fall for the distractions of the world around you. It is important to remember:

The world is based on the material and the sensual. Don’t waste your time collecting and accumulating things—it is not the answer and will not fulfill you in the way you seek.

The world is characterized by futile busyness. So often our lives are focused on going, earning, working, and doing. This busyness will never get you the most important things; You can be poor with any amount of money because and is mind, body and soul!

6. To overcome worry and anxiety, align your priorities with God’s priorities. True peace and joy comes when we align our passions with God’s passions, so that we are lead where He sends us. How do we know God’s passions? He speaks His them to us in three ways: His Word, the Spirit, and the counsel of godly people.

7. To overcome worry and anxiety, stop saying, “what if?” and start saying, “what now?” Don’t worry about tomorrow. You may have troubles, but why double them by worrying about what is to come. Don’t fall pray to the fall prey to the tyranny of the “what if”s! It will drive you crazy and exhaust you.

Consider the worst case scenario: why worry about it? God is the master of all outcomes to your trials and tribulations and there is no resolution out of God’s control. Worrying only adds to your misery. You are awaited by glory beyond comprehension in Heaven. In the meantime, remember that worries of the world are temporary, and there is a great reward to come.

God works for the good of those who love Him, so you can be assured that your earthly concerns will be met with a higher power. With God’s loving intercession for you, there is no need to worry.

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