Seven Principles to Overcome Worry and Anxiety, Part One

062319 seven principles to overcome worry and anxiety part 1.png

Matthew 6:25-34

Everyday we encounter things in our lives that make us worry. God has given us the tools we need to stop worries and anxieties about the future from dragging us down.

  1. To overcome worry and anxiety, start living life and stop living for the things of life. Do you spend more time accumulating wealth and material possessions than actually enjoying them?Many of us get into a harmful cycle of behavior when our things are our top priority—and we begin to worry when we are deprived of the things we are used to. Ask yourself not, “What do I own?” but instead: “What owns me?” Jesus has always been concerned about our masters, because our true master should be God.

  2. To overcome worry and anxiety, remember that you are loved and cared for by the perfect Heavenly Father. God values you above all creation to call you his child, and like a perfect parent He loves you even when you doubt and disobey Him. Many of us have bad experiences or personal situations with our fathers, but God is a different kind of father who will always provide love and forgiveness. Don’t worry about whether God will take care of you; know that He does because of how special you are to Him.

  3. To overcome worry and anxiety, accept your limitations. Sometimes you have the best of intentions but cannot accomplish something because you are limited in some way you cannot change. For example, you are frequently limited by time, your physical appearance, or your skills and abilities. Do'n’t allow the things you see as deficiencies to worry you; God doesn’t see them that way. God created you exactly as you are and won’t measure you against a standard you will fail to meet.

  4. To overcome worry and anxiety, live by faith, not by fright. In a way, worry and anxiety is a test of your faith. God will meet your needs according to His plan. Do you believe God will do as He has promised? If you believe in the truth of what He has told us, there is no worry that cannot be overcome by faith.

Next week we will learn the remaining principles.

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