We Are What We Speak, Part Two

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James 3:7-12

What is in the heart will be confessed with the mouth: God has given us the ability to “speak into existence” things that come into our life and the lives of others through confession. Last week we learned some critical confessions and this week we look at the remaining two, showing the huge power our words can have.

The confession of cursing: What you put into your mind comes out your mouth and when those are unclean words, they can curse people. The harm that critical words can cause cannot be overstated.

  • Gossip and slander- Gossip is a sin of the flesh with the potential to destroy the lives of others. It is a problem that runs rampant through the church and society. In a social setting your critical words have great power. Remember, your gossip about someone may be the only information that another person hears about them, and harms their reputation for the sake of information that might not even be true.

  • Words can “speak into existence” a curse on someone’s life for years. By harming a person’s reputation or sense of self-worth, insults or critical statements plant a negative identity stamp into a person’s life with your words.

  • You can curse yourself with lies and half-truths. Calling yourself dumb or beating yourself up for your mistakes is harmful. God made you exactly are you are for a reason. Don’t curse what God has pronounced very good.

The opposite of curing is the confession of blessing. Use the gifts God has given you to speak a blessing into someone’s life.

  • Speak words of encouragement to others. Take a moment to consider others and their feelings. It only takes a little to make a big difference in someone’s life through carefully timed encouragement.

  • Speak words of grace, not condemnation. Be a source of comfort and reassurance, and do not contribute the the conflict between others.

  • Speak words of mercy and forgiveness. Be charitable in your actions and words. Painful words are often the result of an unsatisfied demand for strict justice and punishment. It is a blessing when you are magnanimous toward others.

  • Follow the voice of the Holy Spirit

Do you speak words that put others down or build them up? Be careful of the attitude you have and the things you confess into being. The choice to curse or bless is in your hands.

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