I'm Going Fishin'

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John 21:1-18

This week we see another post-resurrection encounter with Jesus. Simon, Peter, Thomas, and a few other disciples decided to go fishing together. They spent all day fishing, but by nighttime they had caught nothing. They became frustrated and disillusioned.

A lot of people today have become disillusioned with God and the church. Why do people become disillusioned with the church? There are several possible reasons.

  • When God doesn’t immediately solve a personal or societal problem, our impatient culture becomes disillusioned. The truth is that Jesus claimed to be “the Way, the Truth, and the Life,” not protect us from pain and loss. God’s plan works on His own time schedule.

  • When God doesn’t “fix” a problem the way you feel He should have. The truth is that God is not a magician ready to perform His tricks for you. God knows better than you the steps that are necessary to accomplish His goals.

  • When Christians say one thing and do another. The truth is that the church, like any other group of people, is made of hypocrites. The only thing you have control over are your own hypocritical behaviors.

Near morning when the disciples were weary of fishing, Jesus stood on the bank, but the disciples didn’t recognize Him at first. He told them to cast the net on the other side of the boat, and they disciples caught more fish than they were able to haul up. Then they recognized Jesus and returned to share breakfast with Him. Despite their disillusionment with fishing, they succeeded because of their trust in Jesus. When was the last time you opened your eyes to see God do something remarkable? Who or what is the greatest focus of your love?