Christ: Our Help in Life's Storms

051919 christ our help in lifes storms.png

John 6:16-21

As our new graduates go off into the world, they will be sure to face trials and tribulations, but challenges in life can help you see and know the Lord of life. An extraordinary God thrives in extreme situations, and through Him your struggles can become opportunities. There is so trouble too troublesome for Jesus—sometimes life’s storms can be God’s curriculum to teach us life lessons. I life without conflict may be a life without the important lessons by God that lead to graduation and maturity. There are all kinds of storms we may face, but God will help with all of them. Why does God help us?

-Darkness alone can be stormy. Darkness can’t drive out darkness. Overcoming struggles on your own is difficult and discouraging. As humans darkness gets us down, but God is not hindered by darkness and provides light even when it seems beyond hope. God works in the darkness and through the darkness, teaching us to walk with God and ensuring brighter days are on the way.

-We meet resistance when we are going in the right direction. As our graduates experience the world they will come to realize that so often when you try to live a life that glorifies God you encounter a headwind. This headwind can take many forms, but it will keep you from God and living the life He wants you to live. A life filled with prayer is the answer when the headwinds of life start to beat you down.

-God will get to you in spite of what you are going through. Just as Jesus appeared to the disciples in the middle of the storm, He is always there for you to offer a reminder that God has control of every situation and offer a reassurance not to be afraid. Even when the storm is raging and you’re surrounded by darkness, Jesus can provide light and calm the storm, so lay back, relax, and know you can depend on the support of Jesus.