Passing on Generational Blessings

051219 Mothers_day.png

2 Timothy 1:1-5

Mothers and grandmothers were recognized in the Bible and since then their influence in our lives has only grown. This Mother’s Day we take a look at the blessings God has given us to hand down to later generations to encourage their development into godly adults.

  1. Perspective in Life- You, through the lens of your life and experiences, have a larger picture of God than any child could possibly have. From your vantage point, you have experience with God’s sovereign plan and greater understanding of how He works in your life. Your perspective is valuable; because you have seen the workings of God firsthand you can teach your children to look to Him and trust that things will work out, even in times of hardship.

  2. Patience and Encouragement- So many children in the world have received harsh or discouraging words that lead them to doubt themselves as creations of God. Share your blessings and encouragement to build your child’s self-esteem and help them to realize all that God has created in them.

  3. Learning Contentment with Little- Teaching your children appreciation for everything God has provided is a valuable lesson for families of all economic backgrounds. By teaching kids to be happier with more modest things, you reinforce the idea that material wealth and “keeping up with the Joneses” is less important than growing in the spirit. Thank God with your children in both struggles and prosperity.

  4. A Spiritual Foundation- Mothers are often the biggest influence in the lives of their children, so building a spiritual foundation is hugely important task. Read your kids Bible stories, bring them to Sunday School, teach them lessons to help them understand ideas, and lead by example in your personal worship and morality. Although children may sometimes be resistant to learning, when they grow up they gain the perspective to appreciate their foundation and will be better equipped to face challenges later in life.