Something Profound Happened on the Way to Emmaus

Luke 24:13-35

A post-resurrection account of two men’s encounter with Jesus. Two men were talking and making their way to Emmaus when Jesus came up and joined them, although they did not recognize Him. They told him about the events that had just transpired, about how they had hoped Jesus would redeem Israel, and about the recent resurrection some women had witnessed. Jesus called them foolish and explained through scripture that all His suffering was necessary. They invited Him to share dinner at home with them, and when He did their eyes were opened and they recognized Him for the first time. Jesus disappeared, and the men were so amazed that they immediately left to spread the word.

After He had gone, the men reflected on how their hears were “burning within them” with zeal as they listened to the teachings of Jesus. All born-again Christians should be familiar with this feeling—what are the primary elements that brought your heart to burn within you for the things of God?

  1. A teachable spirit— Requiring both humility and expectation, a teachable spirit needs a subject and a goal; it is a hungry heart for righteousness

  2. Scripture was your guide— Although many of us read and memorize scripture, we must realize that the Bible’s purpose is in training righteousness

  3. You were driven by your own boldness for Christ—Don’t be ashamed of the gospel; We must win the approval of God, not other human beings.

  4. You practiced meaningful fellowship with others—It is important to share all things in your life with other believers; this includes listening compassionately to others’ difficulties.

  5. Walking by faith was a way of life—Walking by faith means that you are completely in tune with God and know when you need Him to live your life and accomplish His goals. You realize that you can do more things through Him that you ever could alone.