Creating a Spiritual Bucket List

010619 Creating a Spiritual Bucket List.png

Acts 16:25-34

Many people find the act of making a bucket list of things they’d like to do or places they’d like to see helps to motivate them to actually accomplish the items on their list. Creating a spiritual bucket list serves the same purpose for your spiritual life. So what do you put on a spiritual bucket list? Here are some items you can work to achieve in the coming year.

  1. Lead someone to Jesus— People are receptive to the gospel when they’re in distress. Be there for them both emotionally and spiritually by sharing your testimony when they need to hear it. Keep an eye out for opportunities to lead others to Jesus, particularly among your family, friends, and relatives where your words with have a strong impact.

  2. Memorize 5 verses in the Bible you haven’t memorized yet— Always be armed to face temptation and ready to quote scripture. Knowledge of the Bible can help you through many a difficult situation.

  3. Do a random act of kindness— Try to “pay it forward,” for example, by paying for someone else’s meal. When you walk in the spirit of Christ and spread positivity to people you meet, you honor God. He sees and knows the things you selflessly do for others.

  4. Find someone in Aspen Park with a specific need and meet that need— People in the church may have many needs, whether they be physical, social, or spiritual. You may not even realize how some members are struggling. If you would like to help out others in the church but don’t know who needs help, ask the church administration what you can do. We have seen from previous sermons that people leave churches due to unmet needs; Support the church by supporting its members.

  5. Trash it, cash it, or give it away— We are so bound by material possessions today that it strangles us. Are you a gatherer? As a spiritual goal, simplify your life. ‘Stuff’ threatens the first commandment. God, not things, is our Comforter and Protector!

Have a goal for this year and the ones to come. You may not accomplish all the things on your bucket list, but you’ll have a greater drive to succeed. By striving to meet your goals you will build a focused relationship with Christ and become a better member in the body of Christ.