Possessing The New Year

20181230 Possessing the New Year.png

Deuteronomy 11:10

How exciting it is to begin a new year! Beginnings are important in every area of life; your foundation has a great effect on future behaviors and outcomes. As a church, we must begin the new year with the right perspective and attitude. How we begin reflects what we’ll do as a congregation and as individuals in the coming year.

This year, think about possessing, taking advantage, or claiming the new year! Just as it was God’s will for the people of Israel and Moses to reach the promised land, it is God’s will for you to have the very best. Possess all God has to give you. Possessing the new year means depending on the promises of God given to His people. God’s will and promises show that you can depend on God provide for you.

Delight in His presence in the coming year. Don’t look and live in the past, which cannot be changed even if we wish it. Similarly, don’t waste your valuable time worrying about the future—have faith that God can handle anything coming your way. Our God is the God of the present tense.

This doesn’t mean that the year will be without problems. Remember, for every mountain-top experience with God, there must also be valleys. But God always supplies your need and is watching out for you in care.If you have given your life and your year to God, you belong to him and He is always keeping an eye out for you. God cares for you and cares about His will in your life. Possess his will and take advantage of the new year to live with Him.