You've Been Commissioned!

20180715 You've Been Commissioned!.png

In John 20:21-13, Jesus took a fearful, disillusioned, and defeated group of disciples and gave them a mission, a reason for living beyond their wildest imaginings.  Jesus commissioned and empowered His disciples to share his message of reconciliation- a message that would lead them to the ends of the earth and change the world. With this scripture in our hearts we commission Aspen Park's Haiti and Youth mission teams,  and remember Jesus's task set for us all.

What is the solution to the violence and ungodliness we see in the world today?  The remedy for disillusionment, despair, heartbreak, loneliness, and suffering? The answer to these is issues and more, to all the issues people may face, is the gospel of Jesus. As a Christian, it is your responsibility to spread the gospel in every thing you do. When others look upon your words and actions, are you showing them  a saving God? Is God's compassionate, healing nature reflected in your everyday actions? 

Live and speak the gospel in your daily life, because you may not realize it, but you are constantly impacting others, whether positively or negatively. Take a look at the effect you have on others: You are the answer to someone else's prayer! Who knows who in the world is still waiting because you haven't done what God has told you to do.

Listen when the Holy Spirit calls upon you to share the gospel, for all your potential excuses have been answered. A reluctance to share the message of reconciliation means that others in your community and around the world will not have the chance for their sin to be forgiven and will be lost. It is up to us, essentially acting as gatekeepers for Heaven, to lead others to the door to be saved. Let everyone know that you know the solution for hopelessness, and let God use you to grow His church.