The Kind of Father Your Kid Needs

A Fathers' Day message that all dads can use.

20180617 The Kind of Dad Your Kid Needs.png

This week we take a break from our series of messages on Elisha in order to celebrate the role of fathers in the spiritual life of the family. Fathers, God has commanded you to teach your children about God and point them to Him so that children can learn confidence in God and how to keep His commandments. You are to be putting the Word of God into the minds of your children. We  can find lessons about what to teach our children from drawing on examples of from the history of Israel and its people from Psalm 78. Learning from the past shows us how to keep our families from taking God for granted.

Parents must learn to depend on God and desire His presence in their lives, because when you no longer desire His presence you can't see His power. It is important to remember God's power and might and how He has worked mightily on our behalf. His power shows that He's in control. Keep your relationship with God obvious and apparent to your children.

It is a parent's job to learn and, in turn, teach his children to follow God's plan. People have a tendency to follow their own path instead of God's perfect plan, but we must learn not to depend on our own wisdom.  A Godly dad will recognize his mistakes, get right with God, and make up for lost time.

It's vital that fathers have the right attitude, as they are the shepherds of the home, who have been called on to love, protect, and feed their family as one would a flock. Children won't necessarily go where you tell them, but they will follow where you lead! A faithful father will make time to lead His children to follow Christ. Don't expect children to be Godly by accident- be mindful of what you're showing your kids. Do they see God in you?