The Consequences of Disobedience

Following your own way with no concern for God's way can have serious results

Last time in our series of messages on Elisha we studied the miraculous healing of Naaman for his obedience to the Lord's instruction. The story doesn't quite end there; Naaman's encounter with Elisha's servant Gehazi from 2 Kings 5:20-27 shows the other side of the coin.

Naaman was now a changed man who was living the truth and pleasing the Lord. He met Elisha's servant openly and with graciousness. But Gehazi had greed in his heart and saw an opportunity.  Gehazi lied and told Naaman that the prophet Elisha needed silver and changes of clothes. Naaman, being very grateful to Elisha for his healing, complied and easily gave Gehazi the items. Upon his return to town, Gehazi hid the valuables and tried to deceive Elisha. But Elisha knew what Gehazi and done, and Gehazi was cursed with the leprosy that had been removed from Naaman.

The disease on the outside typified the decay with Gehazi! Even though he had seen God work in incredible and miraculous ways during his time assisting the prophet, his spiritual life was decaying. Spiritual decay is present in many who attend church every Sunday- you can be both present and distant at the same time. Your heart can move away from God even as your feet draw you to church each week.

Disobedience takes you on a downward spiral, and might even bring you to a place from which you'll never recover. The covetousness in Gehazi's heart became leprosy destroying his body. We might think disobeying God's command is no big deal, but it can have serious and lasting consequences.  We have no need to covet, want, or worry, for only God satisfies. All you need to strive for is the glory that Jesus brings to your life.

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