Faith in an Amazing God

Elisha's life of amazing faith

Today we begin a brand new sermon series on the life of Elisha entitled A Life of Amazing Faith. In the coming weeks you might see a lot of the word "amazing." Some might say the word "amazing" is overused, and it's true that we call many things amazing that aren't actually very impressive. But as Christians, we should say this word more often, because the things God does are truly amazing. As we learn about Elisha's life of amazing faith, the only reason it was so amazing is because it was placed in an amazing God!

Elisha's entire life was focused on God and God did amazing things through him. There is nothing God is incapable of, and his amazing deeds are not just Biblical history; they still continue today. Do you need God to do something amazing through your life? Start by having faith like Elisha in an amazing God.

Elijah called to Elisha to follow him and learn from his ministry and Elisha's devotion was complete and immediate. Elisha burned his bridges and destroyed anything that might keep him from following God. His faith was so profound that he was rewarded, and so he got to see God do many amazing things in his life. When his teacher, Elijah, was taken to heaven in 2 Kings 2, Elisha asked only for a double portion of God's favor. In an unselfish request, He wished to be twice as faithful, courageous, obedient, and useful as his teacher had been for God.  As a result, we find throughout the Bible that Elisha performed twice as many miracles as Elijah had. God's power works mightily when we place all our faith in Him. His power is on display through a life and a church completely devoted to him.

"Amazing" should always be a word we use for God. Nothing comes our way that God can't fix. He does amazing things when you're willing to put your faith in Him.