There is a Cure!

What is the remedy to bring your life back from the brink?

When we place our faith in God we wee him work in miraculous and amazing ways.  We continue in our series of messages on Elisha,  A Life of Amazing Faith, with a miracle Elisha performs in 2 Kings 4:38-44. When a deadly plant was ingested, God provided a cure. Rest assured, no matter what problems or poison you have taken in, there is a cure!

Elisha returned home to a land of famine. Some "sons of prophets" were getting desperate- people were hungry and they game to the men of God for answers. In their desperation, one of them did something foolish; He gathered some unknown gourds to add to a stew the men were cooking. But instead of filling their stomachs, the plant made everyone who ate the stew violently ill. Overcome with food poisoning, the men might have died if not for Elisha.  When you're desperate you make foolish choices that can lead you on a dangerous or even deadly path.

Elisha called upon God and added flour to the pot and the stew was miraculously purified. We can learn from this that no matter how bad you have it, you're never too far gone to be saved by God if you turn from your sin and trust Him.

But Elisha did not stop there, people were still hungry. So he provided twenty loaves of bread and miraculously fed a hundred people. Paralleling the actions of Christ, God gave the people all the bread and yet still had some left over when the people were no longer hungry.

Today we're also experiencing a famine, but it isn't a shortage of food. It's a lack of the Word of God, and the gospel of Jesus Christ! As a result, many of us in our desperation pick the poisoned fruit, like money, fame, popularity , or worldly delights, because we mistakenly think we need it. What we actually need is the "flour in the pot." Flour and bread represent the Word of God and the Son of God, as He said, "I am the bread of life." Jesus is the miracle that saves us from death.  We have the cure- it is the bread of life!

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