Only God

Only God is the solution to hopelessness

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Have you ever experienced one of those moments where you know that if God hadn't intervened, you wouldn't have made it? If He hadn't provided, you would have gone under? Those were "Only God" moments-- only His help could have changed the situation in your favor. This week as we cover the life of Elisha, A Life of Amazing Faith, we see in 2 Kings 4:8-37 God performed a miracle through Elisha in circumstances only He could. Without Him there would have been no help, hope, or healing.

A woman of social standing and wealth noticed Elisha was a man of God and passed by her way regularly, so she fed him and build him a room where he could rest.  Although Elisha and his servant asked her how they could repay her hospitality, she was humble and refused.  Elisha noticed that although this woman was prominent in her community she was missing something she desperately wanted. He could sense her desire for a child and told her the Lord would provide her one.

Everyone has pain, losses, and struggles. The beauty of this story is that it shows us God notices us and recognizes our greatest needs.  Only God can help the hurting and fill your deepest longings. The woman had the child and was happy for a while, but later the child was tragically killed.  Heartbroken, the woman went to Elisha. She rested all her hopes on this man of God. When you're broken and hurting, you need the hope only God can offer. God should not be your last resort; He is the only answer to despair.

When Elisha resurrected this woman's son, it was another 'Only God' moment. The mother rested all her hopes on Elisha as a man of God, since only can help the hurting. And she saw proof that only God can give life to the dead! God, who is the source of life, performed this miracle and showed us all that only God's grace can impart physical and spiritual life to the dead sinner. 

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