Christmas Through The Eyes of Mary and Joseph

20181223 Christmas Through The eyes of mary and joseph.png

Matthew 1:18-25

Sometimes we forget to think about the Christmas story and how amazing it was for everyone involved. Mary and Joseph and their connection to Jesus’s life are the subjects of many different traditions and beliefs by a variety of denominations, but we know Biblically and historically that the birth of Jesus couldn’t have been easy.

Mary and Joseph were a young Jewish couple that had been through betrothal rites and purely awaited their wedding night. The times being what they were, Mary was in a very difficult situation as an unwed pregnant woman. She could’ve been stoned to death , even if the father of her baby had been her fiance Joseph. But Mary was still a virgin and her circumstances were impossible. So much of God’s influence in our lives seems impossible—our salvation is impossible, as are all things without the Holy Spirit. The angel told Mary that this blessed event was, in fact, possible, but only through God could it be accomplished.

Joseph and Mary came to be examples of the joys, concerns, and responsibilities of parenthood. They were a model of great and Godly parents. They raised Jesus to have the respect and compassion He later became known for. Jesus came to earth as God incarnate, but because He was born as a real human baby, Jesus experienced humanity and eventually came to suffer and die for us all. We can relate to Mary and Joseph’s story; their walk in faith, their celebration and pride, and their heartbreak at Jesus’s death, and their gratitude for salvation.