He Shall Be Called The Prince of Peace

20181216 He Shall Be Called The Prince of Peace.png

Isaiah 9:6-7

Humans have been looking for peace since the beginning of time; anxiety over domestic terrorism and violence in on the rise in our country today, and the problem cannot be solved by material purchase so popular during the Christmas season. You can’t buy peace—Peace must come from God. The bible offers an imperative for finding peace at Christmas and all year long.

First, to bring peace to your life you must make peace with God. But how can you do that? Don’t make the mistake of looking for peace with God the wrong way. You can’t find it through religion, as you’ll never be good enough to earn it. You can’t find peace by only being spiritual, either. It takes more than just feeling God to make peace with Him. You also cannot find peace with God in hedonism and the pursuit of pleasure.

To find peace you must live your life by the Spirit. When you make peace with God, the Holy Spirit enters you and you are filled and full. Live in the Spirit in all you do.

Finally, you can find peace yourself by living in peace with others. Don’t be so easily disturbed or bothered by the things others do. Stop policing how other people live and concentrate how you’re living in Christ. In this way you can become a peacemaker, whose actions bring people together rather than tear them apart.

Peace is there for all who need it, they just need to make peace with God, walk in the Spirit, and live at peace with others.