Why Are We Here And What Are We About?

20181125 Why Are We Here and What Are We About.png

Acts 2:42-47

Too many churches today have a problem that they don’t even realize—they have lost focus on who they are and what things should be important. They are living in an identity crisis and don’t even know it. Some will blame the changing culture, but culture has always been constantly changing. A church must remain focused on their own identity and connection to God. So what is the church all about? Look at the three priorities of the church and their order of importance.

  1. The church is about Jesus. We’re all together to worship Jesus, as it is only through Him we have salvation. Each of us in church is here because we have let Jesus into our hearts and our lives. The whole purpose in gathering as a group is for Him, not because of other people. Because we are “Christ-ians,” Jesus Christ should be at the core of everything we do. Without Him we have nothing, would not be ourselves, and would be hopeless. As our first priority, Jesus should always be the first concern of the church.

  2. The church is about people. An area Aspen Park needs to refocus on, lost people should be the next priority after Jesus. Have a heartbeat to reach people for Jesus. Also significant are the people within our own fellowship. Don’t put your church fellowship before Jesus, but once He is in your life you can focus on fellowship and strengthening your relationship with others. Growing as a community of believers is an important part of what being a church is all about.

  3. The church is about maturing believers in their walk with Jesus. Logically following the previous ideas, a church exists to make its members disciples for Jesus. Becoming a disciple means following the instructions of a master and eventually becoming able to teach others to do the same. Through the church, members should grow mature in faith and gain the confidence to share their testimony with others.

It is easy sometimes to stumble and place other concerns over other more important ones, but a prosperous church knows what it’s all about and keeps Jesus at the front of everything they do. Is our church focused on the things that matter?