The Fellowship Factor

The Lord's Supper is an opportunity to reflect on the condition of our fellowship.

20180107 The Fellowship Factor.png

In this first message of 2018, Bro. David looks at the early church of Corinth from 1 Corinthians 11:17-19 for lessons we should learn about how to approach the Lord's Supper.  The Lord's Supper is a time when we are reminded that we need to take stock of our fellowship with others and with God.

God calls on us to examine ourselves in the sharing of the Lord's Supper. The Bible cautions against sharing in the Supper in an "unworthy manner." This is order is meant to warn against eating the bread and drinking the cup while at the same time being out of fellowship with your brothers and sisters in Christ. Because if you're out of fellowship with those around you, you are also out of fellowship with God.

So examine yourself; is your fellowship where it needs to be? Fellowship with others is how we fill the church with people and praise; it is how we maximize our influence for the gospel; it is how we represent Jesus in this dark world. What we accomplish for the Kingdom of God is in direct proportion to the unity of our fellowship with God and one another.

Ask yourself, do I share this Supper in a worthy or unworthy manner? Remember, the question is not about feeling unworthy when you take it- the Lord's Supper is intended for sinners; It is about being out of fellowship with God and your brothers and sisters in Christ. Come to the table having examined yourself. Examination leads to repentance and to the repair of a damaged fellowship. Ask yourself, do I share the supper as part of the problem or part of the solution?