The Compromising Church, Pt. 1

Pergamos: Steadfastly follow all of God's precepts and do not falter

20180128 The Compromising Church.png

The next stop in Bro. David's sermon series Touring the Churches is Pergamos, from Revelation 2:12-17. Unlike some of the other cities we have seen, Pergamos was not known for its trade or commerce- instead, it was a religious center.  Home to numerous temples to Roman emperors and gods, it also contained one of the world's biggest libraries.  But despite the pervasive religion and education, the city was saturated with immorality and evil.

Jesus looked at the church at Pergamos and found that although it was surrounded by immorality, many there still maintained their love and loyalty to Jesus.  Members of the fellowship there followed the Word of God, following its precepts publicly as a beacon for the community. But the church must stand purest in places where sin is most prevalent, and Jesus had a problem with Pergamos.

Jesus noted that there were many members of the church who had taken to marrying unbelievers.  God's Word makes it clear that His followers should hold themselves separate from lost people.  Jesus's commands are designed to strengthen the longevity of a church, and not pave a way for corruption from the inside. Living by God's Word means following all his commandments, not relaxing the ones that are most convenient. The promise of salvation is not a license to sin and then ask forgiveness. Salvation requires true repentance. Are you like Pergamos, allowing sin's corrupting presence into your life by compromising on God's ideals?

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