God's New Thing This Year

Start the new year right by having faith in God's plan

As we begin a new year, we reflect on the previous year and consider the state of our spiritual life.  How much time did you spend in God's word? How consistent were you in your prayer life? Did your witness help bring anyone to Jesus? Did your giving reflect your heart for God? Did you make Sunday school and Worship a priority? 

Consider all you saw God accomplish around you this year. Despite all the good you have witnessed Him do, God has a "new thing" in store for you that's better, bigger, greater, and mightier than what you saw him accomplish last year in, through, and around you.  Bro. David's message for the new year from Isaiah 43 shows how God always has more planned for us. Don't get distracted by the past from the things that God has headed your way!

God is going to be laboring throughout the new year on your behalf; He's going to be accomplishing, creating, and building his purposes in and around you for His glory and for your good.  He will do new things you've never seen Him do before, and he will also provide you everything you need to fulfill his purposes.

Every need or sorrow you experience exists so it may be satisfied by God. He also assuages our troubles in order for us to glorify Him, so don't miss the good done in your life by refusing to attribute to God the worship He is owed. Be quick to glorify God and see what He brings your way in the coming year. He sends renewal to the weary and revival to the bored if we face God's plan for the new year with excitement and eagerness.