God Doesn't Play Favorites; Neither Should We

20170924 Bowden McElroy.png

Bowden McElroy fills in this week for Bro. David, looking at James 2 to discuss the problems with favoritism.  Favoritism is inconsistent with God's plan for redemption, His law, and also His mercy. Follow God's example and don't treat others poorly because they are different.

God didn't come just for the rich or poor; his aim is to redeem all who love and accept Christ. He would redeem the entire world, anyone who calls out to Him. Remember that Jesus died for you, but He also died to save people who don't look, act, speak, or think like you.

It is sinful nature to mentally classify and write off people or groups as "those people." It is wrong to see your relationship with others as "us vs. them."  And it is ungodly to treat others differently due to their class, race, age, gender, or other factors because such an attitude conflicts with God's law. You cannot show favoritism while following God's law to love your neighbor as yourself. Favoritism is also inconsistent with God's mercy. God grants mercy to all his people and He expects us to show it to others as well.  We must speak and act with love for others, as God would have us to do. 

 Bowden McElroy M.Ed. is a licensed professional Christian counselor and owner and director of Bowden McElroy and Associates.  He has been a pastor and counselor since 1983. He filled in for Bro. David Crump this week while Bro. David was on vacation.