The Characteristics of God's Promises

The Bible is filled with promises God has made to his people.

20170910 The Characteristics of Gods Promises.png

This week we are beginning a series of messages titled Standing on the Promises. In today's message on 2 Peter 1:4, we discover what makes God's promises to us so special.  We know God's promises are costly, but they have great worth and value. After all, the cost Him the life of His son. That's what gives them such significant value: they are stained in the blood of Jesus.

There are over 3,000 promises in the Word of God. That means that every promise we need can be found in the Word-- and it has been placed there for us! For every problem we face, God has a promise. God's promises are like life preservers; they keep us from sinking in a sea of troubles. When you hear or study the Bible, look for the promises. If you follow them, you cannot fail.

God never makes a promise He doesn't intend to keep, and they speak of His great love for us. But that doesn't mean His promises follow a time table. You must yield to God's timeline and trust that He always will fulfill His promises. But remember, some of these promises are conditional.  God only saves those who call upon Him. The greatest reward you can receive requires repentance and faith.

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