The Folly of Fools

Don't be a fool in your quest for satisfaction, always consider God.

20170827 The Folly of Fools.png

King Solomon was similar to many people across our city today: in their attempts for satisfaction, they've made some mistakes. Everyone makes mistakes sometimes, but seeking satisfaction and serenity apart from Jesus Christ is foolish! A fool is someone who lacks good sense, or does something stupid without considering the consequences.  This penultimate message from the series Man's Quest for the Best looks at Ecclesiastes 10.

The Bible says it is foolish to live independent of God. You You can spend years of your life doing the right thing but you can destroy it all if you make a decision independent of God. With all the sin of the world around us, no one is strong enough or smart enough to live a godly life with Jesus Christ without a regular feeding from the Word of God.  If you have trouble saying "no" to temptation or falling back to the same old sin, you need to get your strength from the Word of God.

A wise person heads in the direction of things that are good and godly.  Don't fall into the habit of foolish behavior.  Be vigilant, because fools have only meaningless successes. Any power, prosperity, or prestige you accomplish is meaningless without God.

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