What a Difference God Makes

God will provide the hope that your life is missing.

In the past several weeks we have seen through a series of messages on Ecclesiastes Solomon was unable to find satisfaction with his life. Finally, Solomon discovered that God is more satisfying than any earthly wealth or material possessions. This week we continue in Ecclesiastes 8 to see how different it is to live a godly life.

When you have peace with God your past is erased, your present is enjoyable, and your future is eternal.  Jesus is the difference between enduring life and enjoying it, because we have discovered that life is complete through a relationship with Jesus Christ. Those who work with determination to please God will lead lives so full and satisfying that the joy shows through the expressions on their faces. Likewise, wickedness, standing in direct opposition to the words, ways, and will of God, will have a detrimental effect on your life. But because wickedness is sure to be met with eventual judgment, the real way to enjoy life to its fullest is to allow God to make a difference in your life.

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