On The Sinking Ship Called Sin

Why didn't Solomon have a satisfied soul?

We have seen Solomon's searches for satisfaction in our series of messages on Ecclesiastes. What was caused Solomon's Quest for The Best? This week, we find Solomon had a sin problem, and when you have a sin problem, you also have a soul problem!

Life without God is like traveling on a sinking ship, like the infamous and ill-fated Titanic. The Titanic was supposed to be unsinkable and those passengers, like so many today, felt a false sense of security.  We, too, love to surround ourselves with splendor and the feeling of safety, but without Jesus, the ship will go down.

It only takes one sin to become a sinner.  The problem of sin means you're lost, doomed like the Titanic, but luckily God has a provision for sin.  It means you're loved by Him. God's grace is greater than your guilt, so He is willing and able to liberate you through His pardon.

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