The Satisfied Soul

Life without God is empty, even if you're the king.

Our recent series of messages on Ecclesiastes, Man's Quest for the Best, has shown King Solomon on a search for fulfillment in his life.  Like so many people today, Solomon had an empty, hollow, unsatisfied soul.  He had possessions, but no peace; money, but no meaning; and cash, but no contentment. Do you ever feel this way?

God never intended you to have an empty life without satisfaction. God wants your life to be fulfilling and full of purpose! He doesn't want you to endure life; He wants you to enjoy life to the fullest.  This week, take look at Ecclesiastes 6  and apply God's Word to your life to find out how you can have true contentment for your soul.

There is not enough material worth in the world to make you happy and keep you satisfied forever.  Wealth never delivers what it promises. You should seek fullness of spirit from a different source:  The meaning behind life is Jesus and keeping Him in your life will will reward you more than all the gold you can collect.  Following Jesus and being who He wants you to be takes the drudgery out of life and fills your soul with His guidance.

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