The Sacrifice of Fools

Do you experience life-changing worship every week?

We have learned from Ecclesiastes that in Solomon's quest for the best he tried all manner of material things to satisfy him.  In Ecclesiastes 5:1-7 we find that Solomon also looked to religion for fulfillment. But he learned quickly that religion is not always a cure; it can be a curse.  Religion is our attempts to reach God-- Jesus is God's attempts to reach us! Therefore, you  should depend not on your religion, but your personal relationship with Jesus. After all, Jesus came to do away with religion.

When Solomon went to the temple, he saw what was described as the sacrifice of fools-religious ritual or worship. He found cold, formal, boring, worship by people who didn't care.  Even today people worship mechanically, out of obligation or routine, because none of it makes a difference in their lives. In this week's message we look at ways you can change your worship from the sacrifice of fools to the sacrifice of the faithful.

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