How to Overcome Loneliness

Are you lonely? The first step is turning to God.

Do you ever feel unwanted, unneeded, or unwanted? That's loneliness. Don't confuse it with solitude; you can be be surrounded by a crowd and still feel lonely. You may be familiar with loneliness if you feel there is nothing to live for and nobody cares about you. Loneliness will rob you of your hope.  Bro. David looks in Ecclesiastes 4:8-12 at the cure for loneliness.

A lot of people today look at all they've accomplished and accumulated and wonder why their life is so empty. King Solomon was in the same situation; the higher he climbed on the ladder to success, the lonelier he became.  Solomon discovered a world without God is a lonely and empty place. 

A lonely person feels like God is gone and He has taken everyone with Him who matters. There may be many causes of loneliness, but God provides a simple two-part solution.  First, by developing our relationship with Jesus we find He understands and cares about our struggles and our feelings.  Additionally, by developing friendships with other church members you will build a support network with your newfound friends. By being friendly and kind with your friends you can offer each other the emotional understanding needed to overcome loneliness.

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